Commerciale Tubi Acciaio S.p.A.

Since its birth in 1959, CTA has considered capillary presence on the market and flexibility to the ever changing commercial needs as key factors to become one of the main suppliers of Material and Services required in a Piping System for the Energy and Chemical Industries, with particular focus on Power Generation, Petrochemical, Refinery and Gas Processing Sectors.
To consolidate this strategy, the following investments have been carried out:
- the renovated stock range (with the introduction of EN grades, nuclear and offshore material);
- the purchase of test machinery for NDE test;
- the 50.000 sqm of the new warehouse and offices in Grezzago (Milan).
This new warehouse increases CTA Group already existing total storage area up to 100.000sqm, spread through its warehouses in Italy, France, Poland, Spain and Hong Kong, enabling its commercial branches in Italy, France, Poland, Spain, China, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan to cover with efficiency and fast service different areas in the world.
Efficiency, local presence, flexibility and support to the customer. This is CTA philosophy.
Head Office and Warehouse
Viale Lidice, 40
10095 Grugliasco (Torino) ITALY
Ph. +39 011 314 51 11
Fax +39 011 314 51 40
Commercial Office
and Warehouse

Via Toscana, 7
20056 GREZZAGO (Milano) ITALY
Ph. +39 02 920 185
Fax +39 02 920 185 99
Commercial Office and Warehouse
Via Lisbona, 34
35100 Padova - ITALY
Ph. +39 049 894 50 95
Fax +39 049 761 902
Ufficio Registro Imprese:
TORINO 179 FASC. 179/59
Nr. Iscrizione: 00505800011
REA: 295073
Capitale Sociale: € 10.000.000,00
Codice Fiscale e P.IVA: 00505800011